Friday, August 11, 2006

Cheng Man-ch'ing: Essays on Man and Culture

Cheng Man-ch'ing's Essays on Man and Culture, Jen Wen Ch'ien Shou, was completed in the early 70's while Cheng lived in New York. The calligraphic manuscripts were photolithographed in Taipei and subsequently, privately published in the trditional string-bound method.

Of particular interest is Cheng's calligraphy, which he writes entirely in his unique, even-pressured stroke. He had been developing this stroke for several decades and the present work shows us the culmination of his endeavor.Though this even-pressure method at first appears simpler and easier to draw, it in fact takes consummate skill to produce works where the compositions of strokes are truly uniform. The flexibility of the brush naturally lends itself to the slightest variations in pressure. This style evokes the salient characteristics of evenness and simplicity found in Seal Script, an archaic style of script originating from the Shang (1600-1050 B.C.E.) and Chou (1050-221 B.C.E.) eras.
In researching my earlier translation of this work, I was able to procure three copies of the original, privately published work. I am making these available to the public at $125.00 each. The book has long been unavailable to any buyer at any price.
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