Tuesday, August 01, 2006

News, Facts, Trivia, and Answers from America's Foremost Translator of Cheng Man-ch'ing; Mark Hennessy

During these past two years, I have been working diligently collecting information in reseaching the development of Cheng Man-ch'ing's calligraphy from 1924 thru 1971. The book, entitled A Journey Toward Undivided Spontaneity, discusses the aesthetic direction and artistic philosophy guiding the calligraphy of Cheng, with artwork and lectures selected from each decade of Cheng's life. Included in the volume will be reproductions from three of Cheng's albums, 1924, 1932, and 1971, together with new biographical information culled from his poetry, his works on art theory, magazines from Taiwan, and articles written by Cheng's artistic friends.
I embarked upon creating this blog for several reasons.
First, the sheer volume of i
nformation I have collected could not possibly ever be included into the final version of my newest work, and therefore I wished to share this information with whoever has the wherewithal to find this blog, and the goodwill to appreciate new facts on Cheng's early life.
Second, I hope to provide a forum for answering questions regarding my translations from any of my readers
who may have stumbled upon a turn of phrase or a twist of nuance.
Third, having collected limited editions of Cheng's privately published books, his original artwork, and his publicly published works, I hope to present these works slowly to the public for purchase.
Before closing for today, I present a teaser: Who was The Monk Who Listens to Falling Snow

that once painted in a studio named Zen Hut of Falling Snow?


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